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...the awesome talent behind the epic audio...

Jon McNally (Someone Elsewood)

Jon is a fun, confident, millennial, English voice-over artist trained by professional Gary Terzza. After two years of honing his skills and gaining valuable experience, Jon developed a characterful, dynamic, and versatile voice. His portfolio includes several commercials, e-Learnings, audiobooks, and dramatized audio experiences in which he uses his incredible talent to bring characters such as Someone Elsewood to life.


Ossandra White (Constance Harbor)

Jill of all trades, Ossandra goes by many names and does many things including crafting, designing, writing, editing, acting, directing, and producing. As you read, listen to, and discover Secret Agent Someone, you will find that the project itself brilliantly displays each and every one of those talents.

Earnest Alexander (Commander McCox)

Earnest has lent his professional, engaging, likable, and honest voice to many commercials, medical narrations, e-learnings, videos, television programs, radio shows, podcasts, and more. He has also voiced characters such as Commander McCox in dramatized audio skits.

Jeff Rose (Stewart Princely)

Jeff is a talented teen who loves modelling, voice acting, and gaming on his YouTube channel. He perfectly personifies Stewart Princely and portrays many other characters with his cool voice and friendly tone.


Chris Monteiro (Ned Bevy)

Chris is a full-time voice actor and audiobook narrator specializing in many American and international accents in English. He has voiced many, including fast-talking con man Ned Bevy in the Lifestyles of the Fish and Famous Virtual Escape Room featured on Escape This Podcast.


Matt McClain (Trike, vocal extras)

Matt is a full-time voice actor hailing from Minnesota, US. He has a passion for acting and is thankful to be living his dream, providing voices for several different characters in various audio and visual productions.


Rebecca Wang (Gwen Ch)

Rebecca is a full-time animation editor who has recently joined the professional voiceover scene, doing work for the likes of Netflix and Dreamworks. She's brought many characters to life, such as Gwen Ch from the holiday special An Intern for Christmas. In her free time, she loves watching anime, camping, and taking pictures of her dog excessively.


Rich Watkins (Mall Santa)

Rich has spent many years of his life in a recording booth producing audio for several types of projects. With much joy and enthusiasm, he lends his voice various characters, including the Mall Santa from An Intern for Christmas.


Jon McNally

(Someone Elsewood)

Ossandra White

(Constance Harbor)

Earnest Alexander

(Commander McCox)


Jeff Rose

(Stewart Princely)

Chris Monteiro

(Ned Bevy)

Matt McClain

(vocal extras)

Rebecca Wang

(Gwen Ch)


Rich Watkins

(Mall Santa)


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