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Gwen Ch

Gwendolyn Susan Chang (a.k.a. The GwenCh)

Gwendolyn Chang, also known as The GwinCh, is the queen of an elaborate money laundering scheme. For several years, she has run an undercover operation, conducting seemingly unrelated heists all over the country. Her specialty is around the holidays; the time of the year when houses are stocked full of new gifts. She sends her crew into unsuspecting homes to collect the goods and deliver them back to the The Laundromat for simulated usage before flipping into online seller's platforms and other markets to be resold.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Ever since she was a young girl, Gwen was fascinated with schemes, slight of hand, and flipping stolen goods. She would steal things from her cousins, schoolmates, and even pickpocket strangers on the street before selling the items under various alias accounts on online selling platforms. She would alter her VPNs to make it appear as if the alternate accounts were in different states or different countries entirely.   When she grew older, her habits persisted but got more serious. This only prompted her to get better and better so as not to get caught, for the consequences were greater than they were when she was a child. Soon, she acquired a team, and her operation only grows.


To stay off the radar, Gwen works a normal nine-to-five job from home in data entry- a believable source of income.

Failures & Embarrassments

The few times she was caught stealing as a child and a young teen pushed her to do better so not to duplicate those same mistakes. She has now gone unnoticed for at least five years.

Morality & Philosophy

Gwen steals for the thrill just as much as for the money. She enjoys the scheme and exciting rouse.
Current Status
Ruining Christmas, of course, and making cash. The GwenCh is all about that green.
Current Location
Dark brown/black, slanted
Black, choppy, funky, inverted bob with a few streaks of green
5' 8" in her classic tall, green, platform boots
Related Plots
Known Languages
Gwen speaks fluent English but also knows some Mandarin, her family's native tongue.
Ruled Locations


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