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Ned Bevy

Ned Bevy has been smiling and kind ever since he walked throug the doors. He seems to have misremembered his murder attempt on you two a year or so ago but, other than that, you'd think he was a changed man. He's almost eerily nice and friendly, a peculiarity that scares you even more because he wasn't even invited to the party in the first place.




Ned Bevy

Ned Bevy is a world reknowned billionaire. In the past, he offered to purchase the Nellindills' plastics company, but on the final to terminate the contract, the couple ended the partnership because he did not agree with their ideals to bring the company into a more sustainable and eco-friendly state.   Publicly, many are unaware of his attempts to end Brenda and Darius on his private yacht in the middle of the sea. The two did not share this information with the media, but they still held onto the incriminating letter that he wrote for them. It was intended to be their last read before exploding with the bomb and disappearing into the vast blue waters, but two W.I.L.L.O.W.I.S.P. agents intercepted the murder attempt and rescued the Nellindills from the boat before it burst into flames.   Now, at the party, Ned seems to have forgotten their rocky past, putting everything behind them as "water under the old yacht". He seems to have had a change of heart and is totally on board the sustainability train. He tells of his old ways and how he has changed (but he still doesn't mention the foiled attempt he made to end their lives).
Current Location
mid thirties
blue, sharp, intimidating
close cut, sometimes clean shaved
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
tanned white
Owned Vehicles


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