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Lifestyles of the Fish and Famous

You thought you had it all after billionaire Ned Bevy acquired your plastic packaging company; fancy cars, elegant mansions, luxurious food... Not to mention rejuvenating vacations upon wondrous private islands. You were living it up-- until you found out that your lavish lifestyle came at a cost. Your products were polluting water, killing fish, choking wildlife, and harming plants. This made you want to restructure your business to become more eco friendly, but Mr. Bevy had other plans. After one bold business suggestion, you wake up to find yourself somewhere in the middle of the ocean locked inside a yacht that's about to explode. With the help of two elite W.I.L.L.O.W.I.S.P. agents, can you figure out a way to escape and save the world from litter by taking back your business from the clutches of an evil billionaire?

I created this Virtual Escape Room RPG Experience

for the cool folks over at Escape This Podcast!!!   To go check them out, visit!  

WARNING: Spoilers ahead!

If you would like me to run this adventure for you,   please feel free to ask! (but no peeking!)





Five Rules Before We Proceed:

  1. Unless your name is Someone Elsewood , you are not allowed to go crazy and destroy the room. Any and all controlled 'breaking' scenarios will be hinted at.   2. Keep track of your inventory. Items can and may be used more than once.   3. Allow yourself to think outside the box. Some objects may be utilized in unconventional ways.   4. Don't be afraid to brainstorm ideas out loud no matter how silly they may seem. This can help you, your partners obligatory associates, and your GM to collectively make this the best experience possible for everyone!   5. Have fun!

Play this introductory cutscene for the players:
OR read the synopsis out loud instead:  


The two of you are Brenda and Darius; owners of Nellindill Plastics. Your little packaging company isn’t much, but it’s more than it used to be. Passed down from generation to generation, you were reluctant to keep it in the family when it came to be your turn. But, with a little bit of hard work and a whole lot of smarts, you both managed to make the business quite successful. So successful, that you caught the eye of Ned Bevy; famous billionaire and owner of Bevy Corp., a company known for helping small businesses reach their greatest potential.   After a surprise meeting with Mr. Bevy, you two agreed to let him acquire your business. You would still operate under the same name, and the both of you would still be the faces of the company, but he would provide all the funding, logistical guidance, and technical insight that would surely take you guys to the next level. Your faces, your logo, your name, your plastics would be everywhere! You two were on the road to making millions! For a second, you both hesitated to sign the documents, but you pushed yourselves to stop worrying and just do it. It wasn’t like you guys were signing your lives away or something, right? You both skimmed over most of the fine print, but were relieved to see that there were 31 days to rescind if you guys somehow changed your minds about the deal. You figured you wouldn’t, but it was good to know that going back on the agreement was possible-- just in case.   After signing, Mr. Bevy threw big fancy launch parties for the company and established seven partnerships with famous brands from around the world all within your first week! He doubled your staff and quadrupled your production, sending product all over the planet in half the time it used to take. To celebrate, Mr. Bevy sent the both of you on a lovely, all-expense paid trip to a nice private island resort-- one of the many perks you two would have to start getting used to. On the way back though, your crew was forced to take a detour through a rural village area. You both were saddened, grossed out, and straight up disgusted at what you all saw. Native children were playing in and drinking from polluted river water, plastic bags were tangled in the limbs of trees, and wildlife was choking on the litter. The worst part? Your own Nellindill logo was on all of it.   In that split second, you two went from aspiring to expand your company to wanting to shut it down completely. You both took a deep breath and considered your options. It was only the 29th. There were still three days left to rescind; just enough time to make it back to town and tell Mr. Bevy that you two had changed your minds.   With only hours to spare, the two of you burst into Mr. Bevy’s office, simultameously pouring your hearts out about everything you had seen-- the little children, the dying plants, the poor fish-- You told him that you both had decided to go back on the contract, but only for a while so that you could restructure the entire business. You suggested ideas for environmentally friendly packaging, and proposed ways the company could begin harvesting materials sustainably. All while you were talking, Mr. Bevy only stared intently. When you were finally done, you held your breaths. You didn’t want to upset him. The money was awesome, and you were honored that such a guy took a chance on helping you out. After a ponder, Mr. Bevy’s serious gaze softened into a smile.   “Sure,” he said, “Come aboard my yacht and we’ll sail to the island where I keep my important paperwork. It’ll hit land bright and early. Then, you two can sign the rescission, burn up the old contract, and discuss plans to start anew.”   The both of you breathed a collective sigh of relief. You didn’t expect him to be so understanding, but he was. That made you two happier than ever. You both followed him out to the marina, boarded the yacht, had a light conversation over drinks...


The next morning, you both awaken in a LUXURIOUS BEDROOM to rays of sun shining directly into your eyes. You don't exactly remember falling asleep, so it takes a while to piece together where you two are. But, when you finally do, you arise to go sign the paperwork and find that the doors will not open. Confused, you yank on them for a while, then reach for your cells to call Mr. Bevy. Unfortunately, you are disappointed to realize that your phones and the rest of your belongings are gone!    

Enraged,   you scan your surroundings...

In front of you, on the West wall, stands the Set of Frosted Glass Double Doors that just won't open no matter how hard you yank on them. Directly to your left sits the Luxurious Bed you just awakened from. The East wall across from the bed is covered in windows; A Line of Three Portholes at the top where beams of the rising sun shine through, and A Large Glass Window in the Floor where fish can be seen swimming around in the water below. In the South wall is a Bookshelf next to a Closet. Along the North wall hang various pieces of Framed Artwork above a Desk covered with several papers, most obvious of which seems to be a sinister note.


Emerging from the stairwell, you find yourselves upon the SUN DECK. It feels good to step out into the fresh air after being in that claustrophobic bedroom for so long. The sun has now risen quite a bit and is reflecting off of the crystal clear waters beautifully. Under different circumstances, you would have gazed over the balcony for a few minutes, but there is no time to do that. You have to get off of this yacht! Though jumping into the water and swimming away seems like the obvious idea, there is absolutely no land in sight and you would probably end up drowning.    

Instead,   you take a look around the deck...

Around the corner in the south wall is a large, strange-looking Metal Door. In front of you, to the North, sits the H6 whichamacallit Helicopter, or whatever Someone called the thing. To your right, Tangled Cords seem to be hanging from the East railing. To your left, leaning against the West railing, is a Pile of Rubber Life Rafts.


At last, the dark and daunting ENGINE ROOM stands eerily before you. You hear the ticking sound loud and clear, now. Your heart thumps out of your chest in fear, but nothing can drown out the omnious sound of impending peril.  

Taking a deep breath,   you head inside...

Adjusting to the darkness, you squint and stare straight in front of you. Slowly, a figure materializes before your eyes. It is Someone Sitting on the Floor.

Luxurious Bedroom



You return to the frosted glass doors and try PULLING on the golden handles one more time. Unfortunately, no matter how hard you try, the doors won't budge one bit.
  Upon further inspection, the long, smooth, golden handles don't seem to have any keyholes. If the players seem stuck at the doors, continue EMPHASIZING that they are constantly PULLING at them but they don't seem to be opening. Once the players try to PUSH on the doors instead of pulling on them, they will easily open to another little room...  
Oh. So YOU HAD TO PUSH. You feel so silly for not doing so earlier. Behind the frosted doors is a small bathroom that contains a toilet, a sink with a mirror above it, and a walk-in shower. Very minimalistic in a sleek and fancy kind of way. Still, there are no other doors to go into. Strange... how on earth did they get you into this bedroom? There has to be some other way out...
  Upon further inspection of the room, nothing of note can be found except the two things listed below (helicopter key and book). Please allow for the players to tell which areas and fixtures they are searching instead of just immediately letting them know that these things are present. If asked, the water from the sink and the shower do work appropriately, both hot and cold. Also, the toilet bowl does not have any water sitting in it (as it shouldn't on such a boat), but the flushing functions will bring water into the bowl and empty it again when activated.   Water from these fixtures can be poured into the coffee mug from the Desk in order to fill the hollow post of the Luxurious Bed and bring forth the fishing bobber and its attached hooks.  
  When the players check the mirror:  
You pull back the mirror and, as expected, there is a cabinet behind it. You don't see any medicine, though. All that sits upon the shelf is a book.
Pssst! This is a real story of mine! Feel free to ask me about it! by WordiGirl
  When the players check the back of the door:  
As you should know by now, always check the door. Secured within a glass case screwed into a panel on the back of one of the frosted glass doors is a small green key with a helicopter icon on it. The box thing it sits inside of reminds you of a mini version of one of those "in case of emergency, break glass" things you see in buildings with a fire extinguisher or something inside it, only the glass seems too thick to break. It is screwed into the door on all four corners. Maybe you'd be able to free it if you had a screwdriver or something.
  Whenever the players have found and freed Constance, she will have something to say about the key. This can be before or after it is freed from the glass:  
    "Hey!" Constance gasps, "That key must go to the helicopter on the deck! Yeah. Mr. Bevy is rollin' in so much dough, this thing's got its own helipad right up there. Too bad nobody here knows how to fly it...."   "Ahem..." Someone clears his throat over the communicator, "Apparently you've forgotten that I am well-versed in the profession of operating aircraft-- If you three would be so kind as to find me, I could get us all out of here in no time."   "Oh yeah. That's right," Constance exhales, "My partner knows how to do just about everything."   "OBLIGATORY ASSOCIATE..." Someone corrects, causing Constance to roll her eyes, "I recognize that model, too. It's an H6 Byrd 5000 Mini Four-Seat Class Three Stealth-Copter, Version Two. It requires multiple keys in order to fully function; one to unhitch it from the helipad, another to unlock the door, and the last to start the engine. How many have you found?"   "Only one at the moment, but we'll keep a look out." Constance says, "Any progress on your little... fold and cuff situation?"   "I've managed to remove the blindfold, but that proved to be absolutely no help because it is pitch black in here," Someone sighs, "No lights are turned on, and there isn't a single window or porthole to be seen."   "Yikes," Constance inhales sharply, "What about your hands?"   "Unfortunately, I fear these cuffs are linked to whatever is making that fun ticking sound," Someone says, "I can't see it but it’s getting louder by the minute, warning me not to move... It should be warning YOU to hurry up… unless you don’t mind me trying to defuse it myself anyway. There is a slight chance that we’ll all end up blown to smithereens, but if that’s a risk you’re willing to take, I’m on board..."   "No! Don’t try anything," Constance answers quicky, "We're working on getting out of here. Try not to worry too much."   "Who said anything about ME being worried at all?" Someone scoffs.   "…uh… you’re at least a little worried, right? Please be a normal amount of worried because when you’re not worried, I’m worried, because you should at least be kinda worried--" she rambles in a worried tone.   "Be anxious for nothing…" Someone says with a smirk.   "Well then, concerned. I’m sure everybody’s already sending prayers up at this point. JUST DON’T TOUCH ANYTHING!" Constance quickly turns and murmurs to the Nellindills, "He gets antsy real fast. You can never count on him standing still for very long. It’s best we get moving. QUICK!"  


Luxurious Bed

Standing to look the bed over, you are able to admire its beauty at a better angle. An elaborate depiction of a sunrise over the water is etched into the headboard, and each foot at each corner of the frame sprouts out into a tall, golden post topped with a shiny, round, sun-shaped knob. The bed itself is SUPER comfortable (you know this by experience). The pillows are so soft and the covers are so fluffy that, if you didn't feel trapped and scared for your life, you probably would have curled up and fallen back to sleep. BUT, there is no time to do that. Who knows how long you have left before something terrible happens?
  If the players investigate headboard, there is hardly anything of note, but you can use the art on it to hint towards the golden pillars. Checking those out, they will find that one of them sounds hollow when they knock upon it. Its sun knob is also loose and can easily be removed.  
You stand up on the bed and take hold of the little sun. It immediately pops right off. When you peer into the pole, there appears to be a small, red and white fishing bobber with little silver hooks attached to it resting at the very bottom. Unfortunately, the pole is far too tall and far too narrow for either of you to reach your arms down into it.
  If the players ask, nothing can be seen around the room that would be effective in reaching down to get the little bobber out of the pole. If Constance is found and freed but still handcuffed, she will express her excitement about the little silver hooks and mention the possibility of her using them to pick the lock to loose her hands, and even the lock on the tool box (if it has been addressed).   The only way to fish the bobber out is to fill the pole with water so that it can float to the top. This can be done using the mug found on the Desk and the water found in the bathroom behind the Set of Frosted Glass Double Doors.   Once this is done...  
It takes a couple of trips back and forth, pouring one mug of water at a time into the hollow pole, but slowly and surely, the bobber makes its way to the top and you can quite easily retrieve it and the hooks attached to it. Giving it to Constance, she quickly picks the lock of her handcuffs and her chains fall to the ground.   "Let's hang onto this," Constance says, "Who knows? We might need it to pick other locks around here."
  If the players inspect the silky white bed sheets further, they will find a book underneath them.  
Pssst! This is a real story of mine! Feel free to ask me about it! by WordiGirl
  If they look below the bed, they will find a...monstrous book.  
Pssst! This is a real story of mine! Feel free to ask me about it! by WordiGirl
  If the players ask, there is nothing notable on the back or inside of any of the books. The key here is to note which number each book is in its own respective series. This will guide the players in discovering the sequence in which to place each novel on the shelf in the available empty slots of the bookshelf. Once all books are in the right place, the bookshelf will slide away to reveal a secret elevator.   back to THE LUXURIOUS BEDROOM


A Line of Three Portholes

All three portholes in the East wall, though only about as wide as your head, deliver magnificient views of the rising sun, along with miles and miles of crystal clear water as far as your eyes can see. You really must be in the middle of nowhere. There isn't a speck of land in sight.
  It is important for the players to note that the rising sun can be seen from these windows in the East wall. ALSO, the water being crystal clear with no pollution in sight is a clue for the Map on the Desk puzzle.   back to THE LUXURIOUS BEDROOM


A Large Glass Window in the Floor

As you inch closer to the window in the floor, you see lots of red fish swimming around below. The waters here are crystal clear-- not polluted like the ones off that remote island.
by WordiGirl (with the help of google images and colorization)
  If the players try any interactions with the window, nothing will work. Trying to get the attention of the fish won't go far. Curb and discourage all breaking attempts.  
Breaking the window doesn't seem like the brightest idea. There has to be a better way of escape than this.
  Logical reasons not to attempt breaking the window include but are not limited to:
This window appears to be made of very thick aquarium-style glass that is extremely hard to break.
If you do manage to break it, starting a small crack could send water quickly seeping in. Being locked in the lowest deck of a sinking yacht doesn't sound like good odds.
If the window does break fully, what if those fish out there aren't very friendly?
  If Constance has been found and freed:  
Constance tells you about her severe aquaphobia; how extremely afraid she is of drowning. She also whispers her concern about Someone who is currently tied up in a dark place, most likely unable to get loose and swim without the help of you three finding and freeing him-- no matter how talented he claims to be.
  If the players have looked out of the porthole:  
Looking through that porthole, you both know there is no land in sight-- at least not Eastward bound. Is it really worth taking a chance that there is land to the West of you? The average person would have a tough time swimming far with no apparent goal.
  There are no secrets with the pattern of the fish or anything. These are literally "Red Herrings" (; Know Your Species, Know Your Meme ;)   The window is here to show the players which wildlife is found in the area so that they can pinpoint their location on the Map on the Desk and find the correct coordinates by latitude and longitude to unlock the Desk Drawer.   back to THE LUXURIOUS BEDROOM



There are several books on the shelf, many more than you had originally expected. It would take entirely too much time to go through each and every book. You're locked in the lowest deck of a yacht in the middle of nowhere. Who knows how long you have left?
  (If Constance has already been found and Someone has explained the ticking sound he hears, you can also mention the bomb to discourage the players from tarrying.)   By this being a bookshelf, there can be many resource books about things the players may need help with, such as a guide to Latitude and Longitude. If the players seem extremely stuck at any point, you can hint that a book on Latitude and Longitude caught their eye from the shelf so that you can explain the concept to them if they are unfamiliar. Also, a science book explaining how the sun rises in the east and sets in the west can be helpful. YOU SHOULD NOT, HOWEVER, provide any wildlife books. It is essential for them to find the wildlife note to find out about the Red Herring coordinates.  
Upon further inspection, there are only six empty slots on the shelf. Everything else is packed in. Totally crammed.
  If the players have found any of the books, they will be able to place them into any of the empty slots. However, nothing noticable will happen UNLESS they are in the proper order. If they are, they will push back a bit further than the rest of the books on the shelf, each one producing a satisfying clicking sound as if something is locking into place. IF THE PLAYERS ASK, THERE ARE NO OTHER BOOKS ON THE SHELF THAT ARE ANY OTHER NUMBER EDITION OR INSTALLMENTS THAT FIT THE ONE(S) THEY FOUND. To simplify things, you can say that no other books on the shelf seem to be parts of series at all.   Once all books are inserted and pushed back in the correct order, the bookshelf will slide away to reveal a hidden Elevator/Lift. The order in which the books should be pushed in should be determined by the number in the series they are, which should result as follows:

The Infinite Imagination of Isabella Ives (Part One),

Rebellion (II),

I Think I'm In Love With A Vampire (third of the trilogy),

The One Way Ticket (Volume 4),

Tales with a Twist (Book #5),

Questing Forth from Wynsumheord (Chapter Six).
The moment you click those books into place, the shelf slides away to reveal a hidden Elevator/Lift.



As you near the closet, you begin to hear subtle noise... rustling? breathing? Cautiously, you pull open the door and out falls a young woman. She is gagged, blindfolded, and her hands are bound. She begins breathing hard and panicking, trying to speak and wrench her hands free.
  Players will most likely opt to untie her, but, if they don't, do not force them. They can try to make it on their own if they'd like.   If they do attempt to free her, they will be able to remove the ropes, the gag, and the blindfold, but her handcuffs will not be removable without the help of the little hooks attached to the fishing bobber found in the bedpost of the Luxurious Bed.   Regardless of whether her hands are free or not, if they have untied the rest:  
The young woman exhales deeply and thanks you.     "Oh! I am so glad you two are alright, Mr. and Mrs. Nellindill! You don't know me, but my name is Constance Harbor. I'm one of the secret agents sent from W.I.L.L.O.W.I.S.P. to protect you two. Doesn't look like we did a good job of that, though...." she calms, looking to the ground solemnly, "Last night... I heard gunshots. I'm glad it wasn't you they finished off, but... I'm starting to think... it must have been my partner..."   Suddenly, Someone can be heard over her communicator.   "OBLIGATORY ASSOCIATE, you mean?" he corrects, "And, no. They haven't shot me."   "Someone!" Constance gasps and smiles, "You're alive?!"   "Of course, I'm perfectly fine as always." he says snarkily, "By now, you shouldn't be surprised."   "That’s my ‘OBLIGATORY ASSOCIATE’, Someone. Yeah. People call him ‘Someone’. He doesn’t give out his real name to ANYBODY, so don’t ask," Constance whispers to the Nellindills, then returns her attention to her communicator, "It looks like I’m in some kind of bedroom and, thankfully, I have Mr. and Mrs. Nellindill right here with me completely unscathed.... where are you?"   "Mmmm... I am not exactly sure," Someone says, "I was gagged, but I got rid of that. I'm still blindfolded and my hands are cuffed, BUT NOT FOR LONG!"   "Sure," Constance smirks, "In the mean time, do you feel or hear anything around you?"   "I'm sitting on a hard, metal floor..." he says, knocking on it gently with his fist, "And I hear a faint ticking sound..."   "Uh-oh. Ticking sound? Is it a good ticking sound or a bad ticking sound?" Constance asks.   "How exactly would one rate ticking sounds?" Someone calls back.   "You know… Happy ticking like the beat of a song? Normal ticking like a regular clock? Bad ticking like a big scary bomb…?" Constance explains.   "How about ‘good ticking’ like the happy song of a regular clock attached to a big scary bomb?" Someone suggests with a laugh.   "What?! No! That’s what YOU call good ticking?! That’s not GOOD TICKING! How is that good ticking?!" Constance asks in a panic.   "Because bomb disposal is fun," he replies with a chuckle.   "Fun? That’s not exactly how I’d describe it," Constance frowns.   "Hmm. I guess not," he considers, But, you’ll be relieved to know every mission I’ve been assigned to with a bomb involved turned out to be pretty fun.   Okay. So you’ve defused all the bombs? That IS a relief.   Uh-- no. I didn’t say that... Walking away from the explosion of a bomb you can’t defuse is also fun. Or running away from it. Or flying away from it…   How about not getting away from it? That’s not very fun. Please don’t say you think that’s fun.   Someone only laughs.   Constance shakes her head and murmurs to the Nellindills, "Sometimes he’s super smart, other times he’s flat out CUCKOO. We’d better find him fast before he decides to do something ‘fun’."  
  Upon further inspection of the closet, besides a few clothes hanging up, a book and a toolbox can be found sitting on the floor. There is also a note taped to the inside of the closet door.  
Besides the few suits you find hanging up, nothing is really of interest except a book...
Pssst! This is a real story of mine! Feel free to ask me about it! by WordiGirl
  If the players ask, there is nothing notable on the back or inside of any of the books. The key here is to note which number each book is in its own respective series. This will guide the players in discovering the sequence in which to place each novel on the shelf in the available empty slots of the bookshelf. Once all books are in the right place, the bookshelf will slide away to reveal a secret elevator.  
...and a little red toolbox sitting on the floor, but it is secured shut with a keyhole no bigger than the one on Constance's handcuffs.
  If the players use the fishing hooks found in the bedpost of the Luxurious Bed to attempt at picking the lock on the toolbox (or give it to Constance and suggest she do so)...  
Just as easily as the handcuffs slid off, the top to this little, red, metal box opens. Inside, you find several tools and a guide sheet that lets you know what each one is and how it works.
by WordiGirl (with the help of some google images)
  If the players check the back of the door...  
Clever you, checking the door. There's a note taped to the back of it.
Endangered WIldlife List.jpg
by WordiGirl
  The colors mentioned in the names of these animal species correspond to the pins found on the Map on the Desk.   The Bois Dentelle Tree note is a reference to the starter trees found in the secret Elevator/Lift and will emphasize to the players how important it is to save them as well.   back to THE LUXURIOUS BEDROOM


Framed Artwork

Upon the wall hang nine frames. Eight of them are paintings of a ship on the water. Thee center one is a clock that seems to have the correct time. That ticking second hand reminds you... better get out of this room as soon as you can or who knows what will happen to you?
wall art.jpg
by WordiGirl
  The players may ask to remove the frames from the wall. Upon further inspection, the frames are all permanently affixed except for the clock in the center.  
Lifting away the clock in the center reveals a safe built into the wall secured shut with a directional lock.
  To open this wall safe, the players must look at the cardinal direction the mermaid is pointing at on each picture. The sun rising and setting gives players a clue since the sun rises in the East and sets in the West, it is not enough to move the directional lock in the direction that the mermaid is pointing. The players should move the directional lock according to the cardinal direction indicated by the mermaid. EXAMPLE: She appears to be pointing Right in the picture in the bottom left corner, but she is pointing at the setting sun which is actually the West. To go West on the directional lock, you must move the dial Left. The sequence should be read clockwise starting with the painting at the top-center, hinted by the clock in the midst of it all and the differing color markers for 12 o'clock, 3 o'clock, 6 o'clock, and 9 o'clock that match the red frame, the brown frame, the green frame, and the purple frame respectively.   The correct solution is: "North, East, West, North, South, West, East, South"   (or Up, Right, Left, Up, Down, Left, Right, Down)  
Inside the safe lies an elaborate, jewel-encrusted mask.     "NO WAY!" Constance gasps, "It's 'Night of the Underwing'!"   "Night of the Underwing?" Someone asks over the communicator, "Unbelievable! They say that thing's been missing for about as long as I've been alive."   "EXACTLY!" she says, gently removing it from the safe and looking it over in awe, "It was stolen from the Museum of Unusual Arts in Detroit by the infamous heist master Rodrigo Mercio back in 1995. Looks like he must have sold it to Bevy on the black market..."   "Just wait until we get that thing back to W.I.L.L.O.W.I.S.P. headquarters..."   "I know, right? I can't even believe I'm actually holding it! It's heavy, too. Seven different types of fine Australian opal were used in the make of this back in 1890, two years after the Pink Underwing Moth was discovered there by Herbert Druce..."   "Constance...?"   "As a caterpillar, the designs on its head makes it looks like a big scary skull monster is staring right at you," she says, holding the artifact up to her face, "Creepy, right?"   "Constance..."   "What a shame, the poor guys are endangered now...."   "Constance!" Someone calls a bit louder, "We're endangered too, you know."   "Oh right. It's just... I never knew this mission would be so fruitful," she laughs dismissively, lowering the mask, "I just had no idea we were going to catch so many birds with one net."   "Before you make such a bold statement, I suggest we actually get out of here first, don't you agree?"   "Makes sense. Sorry. I got carried away by the awesomeness." Constance says, "How are you doing over there?"   "I got a good sock in the nose during the fight, so my sense of smell is not at its best," Someone says with a long inhale.   "Ouch" Constance grimaces.   "Still, there is an undeniable hint of some strong substance lingering in this room… a chemical, perhaps? Or possibly some sort of gas?"   "Ugh... Let's just pray whatever it's not poison!" Constance whispers to the Nellindills, "We have GOT to get him out of there. Fast. He's already crazy enough on his own. We don't need him inhaling anything."   Someone laughs in quite an unsettling manner.
Under that mask is a book.
Pssst! This is a real story of mine! Feel free to ask me about it! by WordiGirl



The first thing the players will notice about the desk is a sheet of paper with a message witten in large red words:  
by WordiGirl
How rude. You get the notion to take it with you though. Maybe you can find a way to preserve it so that it can be found one day and you can be avenged-- just in case you don't make it out of here.   The desk itself is a work of art, beautifully carved wooden legs, a smooth top, and a fancy little drawer that is tightly secured with a twisting combination lock.   On top of the desk, besides the note you found, sits a classic green glass banker's lamp that is not currently turned on. Its base is surrounded by an empty coffee mug, a few loose papers you can only wish are not as horrible as the one you've already read, and a map of the world fixed to a corkboard with various pins stuck in it.
by WordiGirl (with the help of a google image)
  If the players decide to turn on the light, they will see that it shines a green-tinted hue. The players then can look at the map under the green light and observe the polluted areas. This will give a hint about which of the red pins to select. All the pins that indicate Red Herrings are surrounded by polluted waters except one, which must be where the players are currently located.  
by WordiGirl (with the help of one google image)
  (Upon closer inspection, the players will see that the dials in the drawer's lock appear to have both letters and numbers. If they ask, you can tell them that the passcode will most likely have seven characters based on the amount of dials present.)   The combination to this drawer is the output of latitude/longitude on the Map of the World based off the location of the Red Herrings in non-polluted waters. This passcode is expected to be "15N120E", but if the players come up with slightly different coordinates, this is acceptable, as long as they indicate they achieved their answer from pinpointing the single red marker located in non-polluted waters on the World Map. The other red pins are not acceptable because they are surrounded by polluted water but the players observed no litter out the window.  
Inside the drawer lies another book.
Pssst! This is a real story of mine! Feel free to ask me about it! by WordiGirl


SECRET Elevator/Lift

The bookshelf slowly slides off to the left revealing a compartment that looks a lot like an elevator or lift chamber. Inside are three starter trees in pots all huddled together in the middle of the floor. These trees stand about as tall as you.
  If Constance has been found and freed, she will confirm the starter trees are indeed the endangered Bois Dentelles mentioned on the note on the back of the Closet door and let the players know that it is critical to rescue them also from the yacht's certain doom.  
    "Oh. My God. I can't believe it! Those are real live Bois Dentelle starter trees!" Constance gasps, "They are nearly extinct out in the wild. Literally only two left ... I guess Bevy was planning something big with these guys."   "It's a federal crime to take any endangered species without a permit," Someone chimes in, "W.I.L.L.O.W.I.S.P. always knew this guy was dodgy."   "Several shades of shade," Constance huffs, "Within a couple of hours, we've got him on theft, attempted murder, and violation of protected wildlife mandates. Not to mention implied plans of world domination."   "Hold your horses, Constance. That attempt technically hasn't been foiled, yet," Someone interrupts, "We haven't got him on anything if we haven't gotten out of here ourselves. All the proof we've found will be burnt to a crisp right along with us, and then I suppose our ghosts can charge him with destruction of evidence and four counts of actual murder?   "You're right. Let's try our best to make sure this charge is nothing worse than attempted," Constance says, "We've found an elevator thingy in the wall... shouldn't be too hard to make it work... Consider us on our way to you.
Upon further inspection, nothing can be seen inside the lift. No buttons, nothing. Only an in-ceiling lamp lit very low, and a three by three patterned tile floor. What kind of lift is this? Maybe it isn't an elevator like you thought.
  If the players ask to inspect the pattern on the floor...  
The tiles seem to measure about the space of one square foot each. All of them are quite drab, actually, except the two on the far left and far right of the middle row. Both of these have fancier and more colorful designs than their boring counterparts.
  Once the players enter the elevator and apply weight to the most colorful squares on the floor, the elevator doors will automatically close. If one of the Nellindills and/or Constance is outside, they will notice that a new button on the wall has lit up green. It is an upwards-facing triangle. Still, nothing else can be seen inside the chamber except a plaque with instructions affixed to the back of one of its doors.  
Lift Instructions.jpg
by WordiGirl
  The key to this is a logic puzzle; how to get the three people and three plants up to the next floor.   To get the lift going, both squares must be pressed. This can be done with:   Two Trees

Two People

One Person and One Tree

One Person squatting so that each of their feet (or, their hands and their feet) simultaneously press down on one of the tiles.
  PLEASE NOTE ALSO THAT THE PLANTS WEIGH THE SAME AS A PERSON. Only two plants, two people, or a plant and a person are allowed in the elevator at one time. One plant cannot activate both floor tiles alone. One person can if squatted or bent over. Three plants, three people, or any combination of three will not move at all, for three or more of anything exceeds the weight limit of the lift.   If the players don't think of it on their own, have Constance remind the players that the other side of the elevator probably looks identical to this one. MEANING, they will need a person to hold the button on the outside while both tiles are being pressed on the inside in order to make the lift go back down. Taking this into consideration is crutial.   Once at least one of the players arrive on the next floor, they will see a series of steps. Following them to the top, they will finally emerge from a stairwell with sunlight shining all around them. Tweak the sentence below to match the applicable situation.
Stepping out of the lift, you see that the outside is indeed identical to the one behind the bookshelf. You turn around to take a look at the rest of the room and notice that it appears to be a stairwell. You run up the steps as fast as you can. At last, you appear to have emerged out onto the Sun Deck. You take a deep breath and relish in the warm sunshine for a moment before realizing you're not qute free yet. Constance (and/or the other Nellindill) (is/are) still down there. And you can't forget about the (other) Bois Dentelle Trees!
  When stepping out of the chamber, they will see that the outside of the lift looks identical to the one behind the bookshelf. There is also a faint triangle facing downwards on the outside that must be a button to make the lift go back to where it came from. Putting a plant up against the button will not work. Lying a plant down will be harmful to the plant and Constance will advise against such.   One winning combination is:

Two people on lift, one person holds button. Lift goes up.

One person squats to press both tiles, other person gets off, holds button. Lift goes down.

One plant is added to the lift, the person left downstairs holds button again, lift goes back up.

Plant is taken out, the person on lift squats to press both tiles again, person upstairs holds button again, lift goes back down.

One plant is added to the lift, the person left downstairs holds button again, lift goes back up.

Plant is taken out, the person on lift squats to press both tiles again, person upstairs holds button again, lift goes back down.

Final plant is added to the lift, the person left downstairs holds button again, lift goes back up.

Plant is taken out, the person on lift squats to press both tiles again, person upstairs holds button again, lift goes back down.

Person downstairs sets the hammermajig over button, joins the person in the lift, doors close, hammermajig holds button, lift goes back up, everyone is in the stairwell with access to the Sun Deck.
    Other combinations that do not violate the specified rules are also acceptable.

Sun Deck



Metal Door

The closer you walk up to it, the stranger it begins to look. The entire thing is covered in all kinds of controls; a large toggle that can switch ON and OFF, a big button that can click IN and OUT, a huge lever that can flip UP and DOWN, a giant dial that can turn LEFT and RIGHT... It kinda reminds you of the door to a safe, only much more confusing. There are no keyholes or anything, so you aren't even sure where the lock is, let alone the handle to pull it open.
  Players can try tinkering around with all the switches and everything, but nothing will happen.   The key here is to order the voice snippets on the Mp3 player alphebetically, listen for the directional words hidden in each one, and complete the actions in the proper sequence.       The correct combination is:   Click the button IN   Turn the dial LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT   Switch the toggle ON, OFF, ON, OFF, ON, OFF   Click the button OUT, IN   Push the lever UP, DOWN   Turn the dial RIGHT, LEFT,   Switch the toggle back ON     Once the door opens, the players will be free to explore all rooms. If they want to just go different places and explore, have Constance remind them the main goal is to find Someone quick before the bomb goes off.   back to THE SUN DECK




The helicopter actually looks pretty neat. It's shiny and blue with long, silver propellers. Thankfully, the green key you found in the bathroom downstairs does work to unlock the door. You take a peek inside and are glad to confirm Someone was right about the capacity. There are four seats and a bit of room for cargo. While most everything about the craft seems promising, the helicopter still cannot start up and the fuel gauge is pretty low. Perhaps you should gather the other two necessary keys and fill up the tank before taking off.
  The helicopter can only be unlocked using the three color-coded keys; the green one from the Frosted Door bathroom (to unlock the door), the purple one from the corkboard on the door in the Sun Deck (to disconnect it from the helipad), and the orange key that Someone is holding in his hand (to start the engine). The fuel can also be found with him because he is located in the engine room.   back to THE SUN DECK



Pile of Rubber Life Rafts

Running to the life rafts, your spirits instantly deflate when you find out that they indeed are deflated as well. Of course. These must have been the gunshot victims Constance heard last night. Fortunately, a person wasn't done in. Unfortunately, you may as well consider yourself done in if you don't find another way off of this yacht.
  If the players move the deflated rafts around...  
Underneath all the deflated rubber rafts is an electronic, interactive map of the yacht and a purple key with a helicopter icon on it.
  Upon revealing these findings to Constance, she will try to check in with Someone...  
    "Hey, pal, you’ve been awfully quiet as of late… everything okay over there?" she asks with concern.   "I’m all good. Just jamming out to this rockin’ ticking song…" Someone replies, "Though, it is beginning to bore me just a tad. If only it were accompanied by an Otamatone… and maybe an accordion… Oh! And a tuba. Then, I could listen to it all day long!"   "Bad news; we didn’t find any of those instruments. Good news; we finally made it out of that bedroom!" Constance cheers, "We’re on the sun deck with the helicopter in sight."   "Oooh. Speaking of helicopters, while listening to the ticking song, I danced my fingers around on the metal floor and I’m pretty sure I’ve found the orange helicopter key!" Someone says with glee, "I can’t see it, but it definitely feels orange."   "Feels orange, huh?" Constance laughs, "Well, we already had the green and we’ve since found the purple, so it looks like we have all three!"   "Brilliant. Now, all you have to do is come find me."   "Which should be super easy by the way because we’ve also just found a map that shows all the rooms in the ENTIRE YACHT! Isn’t that great?"   "Very convenient."   "Only downside is, there are A LOT of rooms. Way too many for us to check them all, so we’re going to have to ask you a few questions to narrow down which one you’re in. Think you can help us out?"   "Of course."   "Excellent!"   SUDDENLY, a computerized alert sounds over the communicator.   "--wait... What was that sound?"   "…what sound?"   "That sound."   "…the… ticking sound…??"   "No… That other sound…"   "What other sound? There’s no other sound. Remember? I can’t hear any outside sounds."   "I know what I heard. Was that what I think it was?"   "…maybe?"   "You forgot to charge your communicator, didn’t you?"   "...No..."   "Not ’no’. Don’t even pretend like you charged it because I know you didn’t."   "I never said that I did charge it. I was only clarifying the reason I did not. It wasn’t because it slipped my mind to do so, rather, I simply didn’t feel the need."   "Sounds accurate… Typical Someone…" she murmurs, quite irked, "Great move, hot shot. You don’t feel the need to keep the line of communication open with YOUR OWN PARTNER?"   "Obligatory associate, OPTIONAL confidant." he retorts.   "Maybe next time you’ll think twice about how quickly ‘optional’ can become ‘essential’," she mutters, then takes a deep breath, forces a smile, and says in a patronizing tone, Okay, Someone. Before your communicator straight up drops out, could you describe your surroundings for us, please?   Well, there isn’t much to describe, I mean, it is a bit-- warm and stuffy in here…   Mmmhmm…   and I-- he starts before his        
You take a look at the interactive map. There has to be some way you can find out where Someone is...  
The Penumbra
  Just like all other images, it is best that you open the map in full size on a different tab and give it to the players so that they can read the Five-Star rating, click the icons, and fully explore all details.  



Tangled Cords

  Tangled within the cords, the players will spot an Mp3 player.  
Tangled into the ropes and cords is an Mp3 player dangling from a pair of earbuds. Ever so carefully, you manage to grab without letting it slip into the water. Taking a look, there are only five files on the device, all located in a folder labeled "Heavy Metal". Upon listenening, however, these recordings aren't even songs. They seem to be snippets from a radio station's coverage of Ned Bevy...   Link to full Mp3 Playlist  
by WordiGirl


Sasquatch: "Welcome back to CryptoCurrency: Hidden Zoological News. And now, Ossie with our final story."   Ossie Weldlife: "Thank you, Sasquatch. Everyone thinks that too many animals and plants exist. They're all over the place, RIGHT? It may seem like a lot, but, the truth is, there are very few LEFT. Due to human action, wildlife populations are always dwindling, and at a pretty staggering rate. But, all hope is not lost! Together, we can take care of the earth and make it an awesome place once again. I'm Ossie Weldlife. Save wildlife, God bless, and we'll see you next time ON The Wild Side."  


Anchorwoman: "WWJD 316- A news radio station sharing information- and Christ- with the nations. If you tuned in last night, we LEFT you with a nice cliffhanger. I know you've all been waiting, so let's get RIGHT to the main story of the hour; Ned Bevy. The billionaire LEFT his huge mansion Saturda---" (cuts to static)  


Anchorwoman: "Many people believe that Mr. Bevy is conducting a lot of underhanded deals. Others think he is purposely doing things that cause damage to the earth. Let's find OUT what our listeners think."   Man Over Phone: "Okay. I agree with most of the people that be calling IN. Bevy is a crook, and he has done a lot of shady stuff. But, we all need to pray for him and try to be a good example for him."   Anchorwoman: "Amen! Matthew 6:14 says, For if ye forgive men their trespasses, your heavenly Father will also forgive you."   Man Over Phone: "Amen."  


  Anchorwoman: "Time for another episode of street talk."   Boy in city: "Ned Bevy? Every time I see his name ON something, I get cheesed OFF. I saw a plastic bottle of water lying ON the grass. I picked it OFF. My friends say this man is pitiful. ON point. I can't think of another word OFF the top of my head that describes him more perfectly."  


Anchorwoman: We return with another snippet from Street Talk to hear from a little girl we found walking her dog around town.   Girl in park: "I see Bevy's plastic bags flying UP and DOWN the street all the time. It's really sad."
  The key here is to order the voice snippets on the Mp3 player alphebetically, listen for the directional words hidden in each one, and complete the actions on the Metal Door in the proper sequence.  
At last, the door hisses open. All the rooms of all the decks on the yacht lie before you, but you've got no time to tarry around. You have to find Someone. AND FAST.
  If the players have already narrowed down which room Someone is in, they will be able to find their way straight to the Engine Roomimmediately.     back to THE SUN DECK

Engine Room


Someone Sitting on the Floor

Even in the dark you can tell how handsome Someone is. Though his hands are behind his back, he flashes an alluring smirk as the three of you approach him, a strange expression considering the situation. Constance must have been right when she said the guy had a few screws loose...     "YES!" Constance sighs in relief, falling to her knees by his side, "We found you!"   "...finally..." Someone says sarcastically, "What were you doing up there? Watching the Queen's birthday parade?"   "We got here as soon as we could," Constance exhales, mock-punching him in the shoulder, "Now let's get your impatient behind untied and ditch this dump."   "Not so fast," Someone says quickly, stiffening as she reaches for his wrists, "These cuffs are connected to that box over there. I'm pretty sure that's where the ticking is coming from. Any abrupt movement could trigger something."   Constance crawls over to the metal box. Gently lifting its lid, she gasps.   "You're right," she grimaces, "It's a bonafide Moobak bomb with only a few minutes left until it detonates!"   "As I suspected," Someone says, "I suggest you all clear the premises at once."   "Exactly," Constance says, "We gotta defuse this thing, and then we can--"   "I will defuse it," Someone interrupts, "YOU should get them out of here right now."   "YOU?! Yeah right," Constance laughs, "You're the one handcuffed to the thing!"   "I've escaped worse," Someone chides, "By staying here, they'll be put in danger and you... You'll simply be in the way."   I don't feel confident that you can snip wires behind your back with your bare fingers. Constance snorts, "The whole yacht is probably gonna blow up with you in it!"   "Our job is to keep Mr. and Mrs. Nellindill safe. Get them and the evidence out so that we can nab Bevy once and for all." Someone commands, "I'll catch up."   "Someone, we can't leave without you."   "Sure you can. I'll be alright. I always am." he says with a wink.   "No. We can't. You're the only one here who knows how to fly a helicopter, remember?"   "Oh. Right." Someone says, "For a moment, I forgot just how indespensible I was. You wouldn't make it very far at all out there without me by your side, would you?"   Constance rolls her eyes. "Just zip it and hold stil so we can get you out of this mess."   Someone begins to laugh which is a bit unsettling, all things considered.
  The players can check out the bomb inside the box.  
by WordiGirl
  The key here is to locate the numbered wires mentioned in the sinister note found in the Luxurious Bedroom at the beginning of the adventure, and snip them in order that they were mentioned.   One hint is the fact that the first wire is numbered "00" which is literally "a couple of big, fat zeroes" as Bevy put in writing.   Also, the brand is Moobak, which is Kaboom spelled backward. If the players don't seem to be paying attention to this fact, bring it up subtly.  
moobak... why would it be called moobak?   Maybe because, you'd better moo bak before it explodes!
    If the players try to look around, sniff around, or feel around, they will find a can full of Aviation Gas   back to THE ENGINE ROOM
After snipping the final wire, you hold your breath and squint your eyes, bracing for the worse, when...    

The bomb stops ticking!!!

You all let out a collective sigh of relief. But, you can't rest yet. You've become seasick at the thought of being stranded out here for the rest of your life, and you're a bit shaken up due to the close call with the bomb and everything. You can't wait to get back to your regular, boring lives. That was enough excitement for the decade. All you want to do is make it to land, kiss the ground, and take a long, well-deserved nap.
  Once the bomb is successfully defused, the players can grab a gas can and head up to the chopper. They should also pick Someone's cuffs with the fish hook they used for Constance so that his hands can be free to fly the helicopter. If the players do not voice that they did these things themselves, you can nudge them or simply narrate their actions...  
You sniff out a can of Aviation Gas, pick Someone's handcuffs with the fishhook, rush out onto the Sun Deck, load the helicopter with all the evidence you found before clambering in yourselves and shutting the door.                      



This Virtual Escape Room RPG Experience is designed for 1-2 players.


GM's Toolbox

  Text Key
Sentences located within quote boxes like this one are to be read aloud word for word to the players. The wording is very important in many cases, therefore, proceed with extreme caution when attempting to paraphrase.
  GM's notes are in red like this. These give you guidelines and inside information about the game incuding things the players can and cannot do, causes and effects of player actions, answers to puzzles, and more. WHILE YOU SHOULD NOT READ THESE ALOUD WORD FOR WORD TO THE PLAYERS, it is important to note that there may be clues within the red text that you can hint at in case they need help. Based on the skill, speed, and logic of the players, use your own judgement when determining whether players need a nudge or if it would be more enjoyable for them to work it out amongst themselves. Encourage them to say their thoughts aloud even if their ideas seem silly in their heads. In the long run, this can help them in brainstorming and figuring out answers to puzzles.   Words of Constance will be in pink like this, and Someone's words will be lime like this. Audio for cutscene dialogue is also provided as an optional supplement.  
Link Key
click the links with the little plus sign next to them in order to explore other informative articles and learn more of the world's lore mentioned in this quest.   click the links with the little chevron arrow next to them in order to to travel around the page and find out what happens when players take certain actions in this mission.
  Tips For Pictures
Like the guide text that is meant to be read aloud, pictures will also be found within quote boxes like this.  
by WordiGirl
  Even still, it may be best to open them in new tabs so that the full-sized versions of the images will appear on screen by themselves. This way, it will be easier to show them to the players without the risk of accidentally revealing other spoiler-worthy content on the page.
Dice Bag
1d4 1d6 1d8 1d10 1d12 1d20
  Playable Characters   NPCs Objectives

Mission Points   (in no particular order)

  • Find and Free Constance
  • Escape Luxurious Bedroom with Evidence of Mr. Bevy's Wrongdoings
  • Find and Free Someone
  • Disarm Bomb
  • Find All Three Helicopter Keys
  • Use Keys To Unlock Helicopter
  • Escape Yacht


Story Summary

A husband and wife who own a small mom & pop plastics packaging factory become billionaires overnight when Ned Bevy acquires their company. He sends them on vacation after their first couple of weeks to celebrate the seven deals they made with companies all over the world. On the way back, the business owners come across a polluted area where people, animals, and plants are experiencing the negative effects of plastic litter. The couple returns to town to ask that Bevy put a hold on production in hopes that they can restructure their business to become more eco-friendly. Bevy pretends to like the idea but instead takes them on what he plans to be their final luxury yacht trip to "retrieve the rescision papers from one of his private islands". After idle conversation over spiked drinks, he locks the sedated couple inside the lower deck's bedroom and tries to make his escape.   Before he gets away, Someone and Constance arrive and attempt to accost Bevy, but the latter's assistants end up overtaking the duo. Constance is locked into the closet within the room where the Nellindills are being held, and Someone is dragged into the Engine Room where a bomb has been rigged to make the whole yacht sink but appear to be an accidental engine malfunction.   Darius and Brenda must find and free Constance who will then have contact with Someone through her communicator. Someone will provide help with current problems, and describe his surroundings so that they can find him. The players must then solve puzzles to escape the Luxurious Bedroom, bringing along with them the GREEN Helicopter Key AND evidence to incriminate Mr. Bevy.   Once upon the Sun Deck, they will confirm that Someone is in the Engine Room and try to figure out a way into the Metal Door that leads there after finding the PURPLE Helicopter Key.   When they finally get inside, they must defuse the bomb, free Someone's hands, and lead him and the ORANGE Helicopter Key, back out to the Helipad. Using the three keys they found along the way, they will unlock the helicopter and escape the explosion with Someone in the pilot seat putting his advanced helicopter training to good use.

There are a total of ___ puzzles in the room.   Please note that some of the puzzles and even scenes in their entirety can be skipped if the players are having a hard time or if the game is running longer than expected.   The puzzles will most likely be solved in an order similar (but not limited) to the following:
  Scene 1: Luxurious Bedroom
If players are ever stuck at any given puzzle, Constance is always available to provide hints or solve the puzzles herself. If she has not yet been found, hint to the closet. If they have found her but not yet untied her, advise that they do so and introduce the possibility that she may be able to assist them. Without outside assistance, the players will be able to loose Constance's eyes and mouth as well as remove the ropes on her legs. She will now be mobile, but her hands will not be functional until the fishhook is found and given to her. Have Constance hint around at the fact that she is handcuffed and would love a small, sharp, hook-like object to pick the lock.  
  • Frosted Doors
  • Push instead of pull, loose GREEN Helicopter Key from back of door frame with screwdriver found in closet toolbox. If players are stuck, you can simply say they pushed on the door this time or that they looked on the back of the door.  
  • Map Puzzle
  • Look through window, observe local wildlife, note lack of pollution, match Wildlife List found on back of closet door to color markers on map, use green light from lamp to pinpoint area with Red Herrings that is not yet polluted.  
  • Wall Safe Puzzle
  • Use the paintings to aid in discovering combination to the directional lock located behind hanging clock. Note whether the sun is rising or setting in each picture to determine the correct cardinal direction in which the mermaid on the bow of the ship is pointing. Prompted by the clock in the midst of the art, sequence the actions in a clockwise order starting with the top-middle red-framed painting.  
  • Luxurious Bed
  • The bed hides two books. One of its posts also has a secret. The knob is loose and deep inside appears to be a miniature fishing bobber. Connected to it is something shiny, but the players cannot reach down and get it because the post is not wide enough for a hand. The players must take the mug from the desk, fill it up with water from the bathroom, and pour it into the hollow bedpost. This will cause the bobber to float to the top. The players can then grab it and use it to pick the lock on Constance's and Someone's handcuffs.  
  • Bookshelf Puzzle
  • Bookshelf has six empty slots. Locate books all over the room. The sequence to insert them is determined by the edition of each book.  
  • Elevator Puzzle
  • Find a way to get both Nellindills, Constance, and the rare plants out through the lift using logic.
      Scene 2: Sun Deck  
    If players are feeling tired, becoming overwhelmed, or running low on time, you can skip the Sun Deck scene altogether, directing the party straight from the Elevator/Lift immediately into the Engine Room through the Metal Door. You can narrate that Constance kicks it down (or anything else you would like to say happened). Afterwards, they can come back to the Helicopter with Someone who will simply fly them all away; no puzzle solving necessary.   Also remember that Constance should always be present and available to provide hints or even completely solve puzzles, if need be. In a case where the players have decided to take the elevator and leave her behind, suggest that they find a way to allow her up onto the Sun Deck as well.  
  • Life Raft Gunshot Puzzle
  • This will tell the location of the PURPLE Helicopter Key. Also, some kind of map should be somewhere to direct them to Someone and confirm he is in the Engine Room.  
  • Helicopter
  • Use purple key to unlock helecopter from helipad, use green key to unlock helicopter door, use orange key to start helicopter. If players are stuck, you can have Someone do these things at the end because he knows about this model of aircraft.  
  • Metal Door/Mp3 Player Puzzle
  • Find Mp3 player, determine correct order of instructions by arranging letters found in file names alphabetically, follow instructional songs to open Metal Door.  
      Scene 3: Engine Room
  • Moobak Bomb Puzzle
  • Use the number words scattered throughout Mr. Bevy's infamous note from earlier as a reference to which of the numbered wires should be snipped and in which order so that Someone can be freed from his handcuffs.
      There is one Helicopter Key to be found in each scene. Even if the puzzles in some scenes are skipped, make sure to mention that the keys were sitting out in the open on the Sun Deck and in the Engine Room so that you can still have the players collect them.
    Runtime: 1-2 Hours
    Recommended System: There is no set system for play in such virtual escape rooms. GMs must use their best judgement when determining things the players can and cannot do for the sake of the game and the enjoyment of everyone.
    Equipment: Pen/Pencil and Paper for the players to draw out their maps of the rooms and take notes.     Standard set of seven RP dice can be utilized to help with randomization if a GM would prefer not to improvise as much. (supplemental dice-roll buttons embedded into the page for convenience).
    Players: 1-2   Ideally, the room is best enjoyed with two individuals, one of which taking the role as Brenda S. Nellindill, the other becoming Darius L. Nellindill.   More or less than two can play, but it is essential that the one person playing (or multiple people playing) PORTRAY EXACTLY TWO CHARACTERS in the experience. Some puzzles are sensitive to the amount of persons present in the room.

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    Thanks so much for playing! I hope everyone had BOATLOADS of FUN!


    ...Read On for Credits, Author's Notes, and Easter Eggs...

    VOICES and Sound   Special thanks to all the amazing voices who helped out with this production! Firstly, shout out to the magnificent Bill Sunderland and Dani Siller for playing the main characters Darius L. and Brenda S. Nellindill in the cutscene AND on the podcast! Also, I appreciate my wonderfully cool family (mom, dad, and siblings) for providing the Mp3 player news voices (including my brother Ossie with his CryptoCurrency bit), the fantastic Chris Monteiro for playing notorious billionaire Ned Bevy, and the star of the show, the AWESOME Jon McNally for bringing super crazy Secret Agent Someone Elsewood to life! Check him out on Fiverr and Instagram.   I did all the editing and sound effects this time around in addition to playing Constance Harbor in case you couldn't tell. (XD) Interested in ME doing voiceover work for you as well? I would be honored! I have a Fiverr gig, too! You can also comment down below, send me an email, or message me anywhere I'm found online. All sound effects used that I didn't create myself were creative commons found via Youtube. Most of those were still tweaked by moi. For audio/video editing and production, I used Audacity, Sound Forge Audio Studio 15, and Movavi Video Editor Plus. The music was created by me through Magix Music Maker with the exception of the CryptoCurrency bit by my brother Ossie. He did all his editing, sound effects, and music.
      Art   I made all the art for this adventure. A couple of the images (the map, the red herrings) were souped up Google Images I tweaked myself. I primarily utilized Microsoft Paint (XD), Paint 3d, AutoDesk SketchBook, and WPS Office Suite (knock-off Microsoft Word/Powerpoint/Spreadsheets) (XD) If there were any photographs, I probably took them with my Canon PowerShot SX60HS, with the exception of the Secret Agent Someone suit covers which were commissioned from photographer Aleksandar T. (QuasarArt) and further edited by me.  
    EASTER EGGS AND FUN STUFF!   The name on the toolbox ROWAN RODUK is an anagram for WORKAROUND, referencing the note Bevy's henchmen left in the elevator "...the moron who installed the elevator put the buttons on the outside... I guess we'll have to use the WORKAROUND..."   MOOBAK is KABOOM backwards, which is a subtle forshadowing that connects Ned Bevy's letter with the final bomb at the end.   The names Brenda S. & Darius L. Nellindill together unscramble to spell out Bill Sunderland & Dani Siller who are the hosts of Escape This Podcast!   The topic of conservation is very near and dear to me. It is important we all do our parts to help take good care of the earth God gave us! The pollution on the map IS NOT accurate. Sadly, there is MUCH MUCH MORE than that. EVERYWHERE. But I believe we can work together and help make things even better than that map one little action at a time.   With the exception of Red Herrings, of course, all the endangered/extinct animals and plants mentioned were indeed very REAL! And that's such a shame. Please look them up and find out things you can do to help them bounce back.   The Night of the Underwing mask is not real (that I know of), but it is based on the real Pink Underwing Moth as a caterpillar (which is a super cool and creepy endangered animal that really was "discovered" in 1888 by Herbert Druce). The story about the mask, Rodrigo Mercio, and the Museum of Unusual Arts in Detroit (also not a real place) was a flashback to Someone Elsewood's parents. Read the full story on Manuscripts.   (PS... Someone doesn't know his parents were spies. He and Constance only know the story of the mask through their training at W.I.L.L.O.W.I.S.P.. Although Someone seems crazy and carefree, his story is actually kinda deep... and heartbreaking. Feel free to ask me any questions, or check out subscriber tiers for bonus content, secret trivia, exclusive merch, and behind the scenes deets!)   The six books found around the room are real short stories that I've written. I would love to turn them into full novels one day, but I am SUPER busy! Feel free to ask me about any of them and I will be glad to tell you all about them or even direct you to where the short stories are posted! Most can be found at my profile on Anvilites may recognize the sixth title which was Wynsumheord!!! <3<3<3   Ah... Magnar and Syndri... I love those bros. Check out their world here too.

    Do you have any other questions about the game itself or the episode of ETP? I had so much to say but I didn't get around to it. Feel free to ask me things in the comments below, or message me anywhere online! Find all my social media links at


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