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Though admittedly indirectly, W.I.L.L.O.W.I.S.P. has recorded that The Opposing School was ultimately responsible for a message that went out to inform general public that a special technology had been invented and added to an exclusive line of bicycles that may or may not warp one through time when riding at a certain speed and velocity.   Most of the general public did not believe in such nonsense, but some people invested money in the bike and decided to try and ride it. At the worst, nothing would happen, but, best case scenario, the technology would kick in and the owner of the bike would be warped through time. There were several small groups who decided to purchase these bikes and try to ride them all together. Some made claims of warping seconds into the future or the past. Most people thought such was hogwash.   Willowisp highly disproved of this stunt. In an immediate act, they decided to send in the Fact Faction to put an end to the hubbub by neutralizing the supposed technology that gave the bikes warping ability. The bikes are still sold but have become less and less popular over time.  

Power Generation

The bikes are mechanical just as normal bikes are, but there is a special attachment in the cogs and gears of the machine that supposedly trigger a time warp when pedaled at a specified speed and velocity. It is said that your weight, angle, and direction may also contribute to the time factor being activated. The location at which you are choosing to ride may also contribute to your results.


The pedal and chain mechanism is responsible for moving the bicycle forward, but it is also supposedly responsible for moving the rider forward and backward through time.

Weapons & Armament

While the company that issued this vehicle assures everyone that the bikes are perfectly safe, W.I.L.L.O.W.I.S.P. was not convinced. They were certain that there was some sort of ulterior motive at play behind the debut of these bicycles and worked to keep citizens safe by neutralizing the technology.   It is suspected that the bikes were initially being used to spy on various individuals and possibly glean sensitive information from them. The bikes are also thought to be enhanced with cameras and tracking devices to keep tabs on targets. It is unclear exactly what the company was doing with this data if it was, in fact, being collected, but W.I.L.L.O.W.I.S.P. was determined to stop it at all costs.


Some of the bikes were equipped with so called 'safety features' that warned the rider when they were coming dangerously close to warping out to an inopportune time period. Many beliveed that the flashing lights and obnoxious sounds were simply part of the gimmicky toy, but others believed the alerts and, instead of heeding the advice to remain cautious, tried to intentionally warp to these supposed dangerous points in time. No successful cases were officially reported, but at least one disappearance has been rumored to have been caused by this type of endeavor.

Additional & auxiliary systems

Many add-ons wera available for TimeBikes, including cellular phone mounts, bluetooth connectivity, illuminated wheels, and airhorns.
Commander McCox gives newbies the rundown:   TimeBikes. They don't exist. The Opposing School decided to say they discovered how to make these things. The general public didn't believe a word they were saying...well, except conspiracy theorists.   Even though W.I.L.L.O.W.I.S.P. was highly doubtful that these supposed time-travelling vehicles could work, they still wanted to send in operatives to stop this nonsense at once. The Opposing School is all about confusing the people and perpetuating lies. Plus, if those things were real, I don't think they should have been on the streets and in the hands of every rando. That could cause some serious trouble.   Anyways, I hear there are some on the lower levels right here in Jack Pine Tower. I wouldn't see for myself though, if I were you. Those hunks of junk are hardly worth anyones time. Plus, YOU could get in serious trouble, an Introductory Intern such as yourself snooping where you ought not go. Exploring those areas is strictly prohibited.   I used to ride my bike every day to school. Probably about twenty miles there and back. Not as bad as my gramps had it, though. He had to pass volcanos and shark-infested waters and all that stuff. Would have been easier for him to get through all that if he had a TimeBike, right? Nope. He might have just found himself back in the prehistoric days. My gramps did kinda remind me of a brachiosaurus, though. Hmm...
Bikes were being sold for anywhere between $1,000 and $10,000
The bikes were being mass produced at one point but the process has since been slowed with the product's declining popularity.
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