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Sarah Shipley

Ciara Gene Lou Fieldman

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Born and raised in the country, Ciara was a rough and tumble girl who didn't mind getting a bit dirty for the job to get done. She loved handling animals, plants, and nature. She enjoyed working with her hands to build things and get broken stuff to work again.   Living on a farm that had been passed down for generations, most of her family didn't have college degrees, as they weren't necessarily needed for their given line of work. Some of the members who did have degrees ended up not using them, or realizing that they knew most of the trade already, even if not the technical terms, and probably would have been better off not going so they could have saved lots of time, and avoided more debt.   Ciara, however, though she adored everything about her life, longed to try something new and different, even if that meant coming back to the farm with a degree she would never use. Her parents reluctantly allowed her to go off to a big city college in the north, not knowing what she was even going to major in.   Soon, on a whim, she was spotted by a W.I.L.L.O.W.I.S.P. recruiter and highlighted for her resourcefulness and tough, go get 'em attitude. Focusing on her willingness to try new things, the scout managed to convince her to join the agency as a Junior Sprout.   Very adaptive to her surroundings, she was able to fit in almost anywhere while still being the fun-loving, quirky Ciara she was at heart. She chose the first name Sarah and, later after meeting Constance Harbor, chose the surname Shipley, as the two made fast friends during their studies at the organization. Though they each were assigned multiple partners beforehand, they were finally allowed to work together as partners. They both enjoyed this time very much and preferred each other to any other previous paring.   Unfortunately, after a plane mishap incident that took place during what would be their final mission together, Sarah went into a coma. Constance was later informed that her legs had to be amputated and that she would be reentering the workforce in a couple of months. Contratry to this statement, she was later told that, in a change of plans, Sarah had been shippepd out to a rural area in Michigan to start a new life, as she was no longer fit to be a W.I.L.L.O.W.I.S.P. agent.
Place of Death
Sarah was last reported to have been relocated to rural Michigan under an alias after being deemed unfit to continue working as a spy, but many speculate she has perished, has been Erased, etc.
bright, blue
long, blondish brown
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Agent Number: 307496


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Aug 8, 2023 08:41

Ahh poor gal!
I hope she has not been erased but is now living on a farm in the north... oh damm that sounds like the typicall "Your dog is not dead!"-lie... seems she is a goner.
I repeat: poor gal!

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