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You awaken in a strange place with very few memories and an unsettling urge to find out where you are (and who you are) before something horrible happens...  

u4g07 is a solo RPG set in the world of W.I.L.L.O.W.I.S.P. full of puzzles, mysteries, surprises, and twists at every turn!

Embark upon a mysterious adventure...

Sneak from page to page making choices, collecting hidden items, pondering flashbacks, and fighting enemies. Interactive fiction meets ttrpg as dice come into play, determining outcomes to ensure no read is exactly the same. Fill out your agent statblock with desired skillsets. Play alone, or read it with a friend to discuss happenings and work out theories. Uncover the secret about your own past and escape impending doom. Enjoy hours of content all within the pages of this fun little book.

primary components

The main u4g07 zine will guide you along the path to figuring out who and what you are as you attempt to escape the confines of an unknown location.  

Get both in simple PDF format for $5

The h1pp0c4mpu5 provides supplemental memory flashbacks that help you to recall past events of your life and piece together your mysterious history.  

Get both in paperback starting at $75


special add-ons

    Click around an interactive, virtual book instead of scrolling up and down through a regular PDF. Digital dice and a conveniently concise setup help you play along with ease. In addition, you'll still receive the plain PDF for offline viewing. Click here to purchase a physical printed copy. Be sure to explore the dropdown to find the +deluxe add-on perk!

The toolkit expansion pack will grant you access to more adventures and hidden endings. You will receive this alongside the PDF. Click here to purchase a physical printed copy. Be sure to explore the dropdown menu to find the +toolkit add-on perk!

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The u4g07 Solo RPG Experience is designed for only 1 player, but it's fun to read the zine with others to compare reads and share stories!

Visit my Ko-Fi shop to purchase the adventure and any related add-ons in physical or digital form! Simply look for the (u4g07) tag to locate all items under the category.


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