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Time Machinery

  Time machines are rumored to have existed at one point or have been extremely close to successful development. There are no records of one actually working, however, but W.I.L.L.O.W.I.S.P. seems to be under the persuasion that they are not a good invention and all progress towards the creation of one should be stopped at all costs.   Over the years, whenever various scientists around the world believed they were approaching a breakthrough in the area of time travel, their work and research was stolen, destroyed, or otherwise tampered with to the point of no return. This is suspected to have been exclusively W.I.L.L.O.W.I.S.P.'s doing. They are known to instruct agents to venture wherever there are rumors of time traveling developments and end the projects immediately. Sometimes, the agents are told to collect the data and prototypes, saving them and transporting them back to a designated headquarters location for further research. Other times, they are told to obliterate the evidence altogether.   The particular instructions given vary depending upon the agent, location, and situation as a whole. It is unknown exactly which particulars cause the organization to decide collection over destruction and vice versa, but when data and equipment is retrieved, it is typically sent to the Experiment Sector of Dionaea Muscipula or locked away in any various secure hidden bunkers owned by the agency in scattered underground locations all over the world. Some are even said to be located in outer space.


Time machines are extremely rare and only the smartest of scientists have ever come close to creating a fully functional one.

Project Number 7133
Item | Jan 27, 2023
Commander McCox gives newbies the rundown:   Time machinery!? Ha. Crazy, right?! That stuff doesn't really exist. And, if it did, it wouldn't be wise to use it. Not at all. No sirree. Not even to go back in time and study for that history exam, or ask out your highschool sweetheart, or arrive five minutes earlier to that epic movie premiere so you can buy a ticket before they sell out. Nope. More trouble for your own good. If you ever see a time machine, kid, DO NOT TEST IT OUT. At all costs, follow the instructions W.I.L.L.O.W.I.S.P. gives you, no matter what kinds of urges start hacking into your brain. Ignore them.
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A technology lost, forgotten or shrouded in mystery.   Summer Camp 2022


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