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The Styrax

An area or geographical landmark wrapped in myth, legend or superstition.
-Dimi & Janet
  The Styrax is a private island owned by W.I.L.L.O.W.I.S.P. that is home to an advanced medical facility and rehabilitation center where severely afflicted agents are transferred when dire injuries, illnesses, or mental compromisations occur.


The exact coordinates of the island are known only by an elite few. Many agents that travel to, work at, and even reside on the island are unsure of its actual geographical postition. W.I.L.L.O.W.I.S.P. does not disclose such information to anyone as a tactic to avoid risk of compromising the location and safety of those the island protects.  


The climate is reminiscent of tropical Asia.

Ecosystem Cycles

There only seem to be two seasons on Styrax island; the wet, rainy season (presumably from June until October), and the calm, dry season (most likely from November until May). This is speculated, but nothing is confirmed. The temperature is almost always warm, typically ranging between 75 and 100 degrees fahrenheit.

Localized Phenomena

Due to The Styrax's tropical location, the island is prone to monsoons and other tropical storms. There are also rumors of a nearby volcano that has reportedly errupted in the past.

Fauna & Flora

Due to the climatic nature, fauna, and flora of the island, it is speculated that The Styrax sits somewhere in the North Pacific Ocean.

Natural Resources

The facilities of the resort are primarily supported by solar power. Several solar panels are placed all over the island. These capture and hold the sun's energy, storing it in secured mountain bases.   Water is supplied by two methods; Collecting rain during wet seasons where downpours are prevalent, and desalinating an intake of surrounding oceanwater in the dry seasons. Both types of water are filtered and purified within underground laboratories on the island.


The island's acquisition date is unknown, but it is speculated that the island has been owned by W.I.L.L.O.W.I.S.P. since the official creation of the agency.


The W.I.L.L.O.W.I.S.P. staff stationed on the island will most likely never leave it. There are doctors, nurses, therapists, and other practicioners that call The Styrax home. Apart from the medical facility, there are guards and transportation specialists, along with technicians who handle tasks such as water desalination, solar energy monitoring, and other necessary technological processes.   Besides the resident staff, only injured agents are authorized to enter the island. They are transported there utilizing a highly secret and methodical process that prevents onlookers from tracking the journey, as well as stopping the actual agent from knowing where they are going and how they got there. This may involve sedating or blindfolding the agent.
Commander McCox Gives Newbies the Rundown:   Okay, so, you shouldn't have to worry about this, but, there's a place called The Styrax. Unlike Linden and Bass, it's in a completely undisclosed location out on a private island in the middle of nowhere. Put this whole thing out of your head though, because, even if it seems like an oasis, YOU DO NOT want to go there. TRUST ME.   The only reason why you would have to go there is if you get completely destroyed in the field. I'm talkin' dire mental trauma, amputations, severe brain injuries, and other drastic things that could put you out of commission for a long time, if not indefinitely.   Now, don't tell anybody, but there's a rumor going around that No One Comes Back from The Styrax. Out of all my years here, I have never seen an agent return to the job after a stay there. When we hear word back, they are telling us one of three things; The agent is still in recovery on the island, the agent has been deemed unable to resume and has supposedly been relocated to another undisclosed location in an attempt to discreetly reintegrate them into society, or, the agent has unfortunately passed away due to the severity of their injuries or condition.   You wanna know what I think? I think they are secretly terminating them all. You know, Erasing them. But, just stay safe and you shouldn't have to worry about that place at all.
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Styrax, The Island, Off The Grid, Erasure Island
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