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The First Bundt Cake

  The Opposing School has made claims to have brought back what they have declared was "The First Bundt Cake Ever Made'. Most of W.I.L.L.O.W.I.S.P. does not believe this is a true fact.


W.I.L.L.O.W.I.S.P.'s records show that the Opposing School is known to spread rumors through several channels. They do not wish that the source of said rumors be traced back to them, however, so they choose to plant lies throughtout the world through various other individuals, companies, and channels. The First Bundt Cake is no exception to this rule. In the spirit of their other supposed revelations and manefestations of true and working Time Machinery, the school has perpetuated a rumor that a piece of food from the 1950s has found itself in the present day.

Historical Basis

The Opposing School is known for planting outlandish lies that are just accurate enough to possibly be true. The cake's origins, flavor, and supposed ingredients have been said to vary from iteration to iteration, but the overall core of the myth is consistent enough to allow little room for doubt even for the most skeptical individuals.


Only certain pockets of people, mainly citizens of the United States, believe that this rumor is possibly true. W.I.L.L.O.W.I.S.P. has more recently established the Fact Faction to debunk myths and combat misninformation. This team was sent to locate the cake and analyze it to prove that the ingredients were not truly derrived from the time period in which the cake is said to be from.


Commander McCox gives newbies the rundown:   Cake. Bundt cake. There are all kinds, and I like 'em all. If there's any bundt cake I haven't tried yet, I'm gonna try it. And I'm probably gonna like it, too. The only one I don't want to try is "The First Bundt Cake". Claims to have traveled through time. That Opposing School, always making such bodacious claims. Nonsense, I tell you. But, still. There might be something fishy with that cake. I wouldn't want to take a chance on it. It could be poisoned, for all I know. And if it really did come back through time, do you think it's still good? I'm sure it's likely expired by now. One time, there was a jar of expired strawberry preserves in the cabinet under my desk. I didn't remember putting it there, but I figured it was mine. I opened it, seemed fine. I had conveniently brought a bagel for my breakfast anyway, so I decided to spread some on. Tasted a bit funny, but not completely horrible, so I ate the whole thing. There was only a but if jam left in the container, so I finished it off. BIG MISTAKE. My stomach was NOT happy for the rest of that month. So, if some regular old jelly that expired a few weeks ago can do all that, imagine the effects of rancid ingredients from the 1950s. No thank you. Probably gonna get a horrible tummy ache from that mess.


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