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Styrax Falls

    Styrax Falls is a glorious waterfall supposedly located on The Styrax island. Though few have beheld it with their own eyes, it is talked about and even depicted on some materials and brochures that advertise the island.


The falls are surrounded by lush forests and overlook a wonderous mountainside. It is said that one can swim or paddle a boat under the falls and enter a beautiful cavern filled with gems and rock formations. This place is marketed as very serene and agents are told that it is one of the islands greatest highlights.

Fauna & Flora

When speaking of "The Falls", many are referring to the waterfall located in the lush, warm climate. Many trees and flowers grow about the falls and animals gather around its base for a drink. Fish are known to swim in the pools beneath and in the streams that snake along the caverns. The brochures sometimes do depict birds and other animals around, but these are not endemic enough for one to determine the location of the island, though it is most likely positioned somewhere in the North Pacific Ocean. This is questionable, however, because the island is also rumored to have other waterfalls that are equal to or lesser in scale appearing everywhere from high up in icy mountains to rocky desert cliffs.


Though many agents believe that the falls really exist, they do not desire to go and se them because doing so would cause them to have to venture onto the Styrax island. Many have fears that more than just medical treatments are being performed on the island due to the fact that No One Comes Back. They suspect that W.I.L.L.O.W.I.S.P. is Erasing or experimenting on the agents that are unfortunate enough to be sent there, therefore the scenic rumors are outweighed by the ominous suspicions.

The Styrax
Geographic Location | Jul 17, 2023

Condition | Jan 27, 2023
Commander McCox gives newbies the rundown:   That waterfall... whenever I hear talk about it, it always sounds like such a beautiful and peaceful place. So serene. BUT, DON'T BE FOOLED. The Styrax is still creepy and I don't think it's worth going there just to see it.   ...Nothing's ever made me want to visit the island more than the rumor of this majestic sight, though...
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An astonishing natural wonder.   Summer Camp 2022


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