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Petite Fille Aux Yeux Argentes

An ancient and/or powerful artifact.
-Dimi & Janet
  Petite Fille Aux Yeux Argentes (Little Girl with Silver Eyes) is a painting by lesser-known French-American artist Pierre Jacques Louis. After investigations performed by historians and appraisers, the miniature portrait was discovered to have been painted against a canvas crafted by layers upon layers of the rarest silver notes; some dating back to 1878.   Due to the rarity of the notes and the initial thought that they had all been destroyed, many black-market thieves set out to get their hands on the painting.  
      It was on display at The Museum of Unusual Arts in Detroit, Michigan when the infamous crime lord Rodrigo Mercio attempted to nab it. Agents Thomas and Amelia ████████ were tasked with foiling the heist. Unfortunately, the entire third floor was affected by a huge explosion, but the operatives managed to salvage the painting which was unarguably the most valuable piece of art in the entire museum.   Now, over twenty years later, the painting still sits at the Museum of Unusual Arts under high watch and maximum security. Despite the fact that Mercio himself has not been heard from recently, the curators want to take no chances of anybody else attempting to pilfer the prized work of art.


The main aspect that contributes to the value of this item is not the beautiful painting itself but the canvas it sits upon. The rare silver notes were collected and preserved by Louis and are still in crisp, mint condition beneath the thick layer of paint.
Item type
There is only one true Petite Fille Aux Yeux Argentes in existence, though W.I.L.L.O.W.I.S.P. did forge a decoy replica in attempts to confuse Mercio. Unfortunately, the operation was botched, but the original painting did make it out unscathed.


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