Shots of Unimportance


  One Cup White Grape Sparkling Water/Juice (chilled)   One Teaspoon Cinnamon   One Teaspoon Vanilla Extract   Three Teaspoons Lime Juice   Five Teaspoons Ginger Beer   Hot Sauce of Choice for extra heat (optional)   ~~~~~~~~~~~   Pour sparkling beverage into a small cup or bowl.   Add cinnamon, vanilla extract, lime juice, and ginger beer.   Gently stir until froth has settled, cinnamon has been mostly diluted, and all ingredients have been evenly distributed.   Pour into shot glasses and serve (adding drops of hot sauce to finish as desired).   makes approximately six servings

Adjust spice and pungency to suit your liking. Use for drinking games or enjoy at leisure if you are fond of intense flavors.

Item type
Consumable, Food / Drink

  After being assigned to each other as partners Obligatory Associates, Constance Harbor concocted this creative recipe to encourage Someone Elsewood loosen up a bit, have fun, and spill some tea.   Someone was a book shut tight, but Constance was determined to bring him out of his shell. She made friendly conversation with him and even told him deep stories about her past. However, every time she asked him a question, he quickly deferred with some variation of the term "It's unimportant". Annoyed by his stubbornness and secrecy, Constance suggested they make a game of it. From the small talk they did engage in, she gleaned that he, like her, did not care to partake in alcoholic beverages (or any other substances that compromised his ability to remain alert). This was no problem as she swiftly created a suitable beverage for their drinking fun; shots of sparkling water with a spicy kick. It was then agreed that whenever the word unimportant was said, he would have to elaborate truthfully or face cinnamony wrath.


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