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General Rigotto (Gen-Err-Ul Rih-Got-Toh)

General Rigotto Amerigo Beniamino Rigotto (a.k.a. General, Big Guy, The Principal, Trouble)

Physical Description

Body Features

General Rigotto is a taller, broad-shouldered man.

Facial Features

His face is lightly wrinkled. He has bushy grey eyebrows and seldomly shows signs of facial hair at all. The most moustache or beard that anyone can recall seeing him in is a patch of stubble which only occurs when something serious and stressful is happening to the point where he has no time to stop, rest, and shave.

Apparel & Accessories

General Rigotto is always seen in full uniform; green, hard pressed, stiff General garb with several pins and awards adorning the chest and shoulders and a service cap embroidered with the W.I.L.L.O.W.I.S.P. emblem. He wears sleek, polished, leather combat boots. He also wears a watch around his wrist AND carries a pocketwatch in his jacket, both of which he intentionally, conspicuously references when he feels as if his time is being wasted.

Mental characteristics

Failures & Embarrassments

General Rigotto is highly annoyed by Someone Elsewood due to his arrogence, dangerous antics, and reluctance to follow protocol. He completely dislikes the fact that Someone Elsewood refuses to provide a normal name (or even make one up). Someone's entire existence seems to irk Rigotto. The final straw however is Someone's refusal to accept a partner. Rigotto seeks out every avenue available to get Someone kicked out of the program for good, but Someone never depicts intimidation towards Rigotto, which bothers him all the more.

Intellectual Characteristics

General Rigotto is an older, decorated member of W.I.L.L.O.W.I.S.P.'s highest Agent-facing executive staff. He commands respect in a jokes-aside, no laughing matter attitude. The General hardly ever cracks a smile unless he is highly pleased, impressed with himself, or is making a degrading, sarcastic remark at your expense.
Currently Held Titles
Gray, always under his General hat
6' 1"


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