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Final Assignment

Introductory Interns go through various levels of intense learning and training for set periods of time. No matter which kind of intern you are and what type of agent you are training to be, your final assignment is to collaborate with your fellow classmates and carry out a successful test mission.   Teachers and mentors will come up with a lesson plan particularly catered towards the skills, strengths, and areas of improvement for each intern. they will also strategically select the number of interns to participate in the mission. Which individuals are chosen also plays a part in it all. Sometimes, the officials consider which future operatives work best together. Other times, people who don't exactly get along are thrown in so that they can navigate their team working skills and find a way to accomplish the mission at hand dispite their differences.


Typically, at least one intern who is training to be a Base Operative is chosen to stay on top of things from above and direct the team's actions.

Components and tools

Officials have all of W.I.L.L.O.W.I.S.P.'s resources at their disposal, from weapons to traps to entire facilities.

Bunker 421 Base Map Image
Commander McCox gives newbies the rundown:   Hey, Intern, your final assignment is something cool to look forward to. You will be matched with other agents in your level to carry out an elaborate heist or accomplish an epic mission. It's all simulated, but they do an awesome job of making it seem so very real. It'll be your first taste of what it's like out in the field. The failures feel very bad, like you actually let people down. But the wins? They're so glorious! It's totally worth it to work hard and do your best to come up with an awesome solution to the task at hand. I still remember my Final Assignment; working together, we initiated a high-stakes rescue operation. I almost thought it was real.
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Aug 8, 2023 07:59

My Boy: Since the beginning of mankind, the mark of mastery is a feed not much would aquire...
but before YOU can even try, you should do your homework and study for your damm F.A. I won't allow you to fail!
... for some reason the Higher Up and Garage and Veiclepool managment won't get me a new C.A.R. until I managed you, to manage the job to come!
— Agent Night-1 (still driving a Van with C.A.R. version 2.0.01 - that sounds like a grumpy Mother)
  Now that is something for interns to look forward to, or to dread. I guess some Mentors are pushing their Interns to be the best of the best in the F.A. while other may not have such well meant motives to let the intern succeed ^^

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    lol still cruising, I see. XD Better study up! ;)

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