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Field Agent

Field Agent


A Field Agent is essentially the most traditional, basic rank an agent can hold; just enough to say you get out of the building for work, but without extremely high-stakes; A mall security guard to the FBI; a meter-maid to a State Trooper.   These operatives are tasked with low/no contact missions; following targets from afar, gaining information on a suspect's wherabouts, sneaking into venues, observing, collecting data, swiping objects, etc.


Field Agents must keep their cool at all times. Their goal is to not be seen, heard, detected, or suspected by anybody at anytime. No conversations should take place directly between them and their targets. The mission is to fade into the crowd; to not stand out at all. If the suspect is caught, there should not be a single instance where they mentally rewind their day, review significant monents, and think; "It was HER! The waitress!" or "That guy on the train ratted me out!" There should be no such outstanding event, therefore, Field Ops must keep a low profile at all times.

Accoutrements & Equipment

Field Agents traditionally dress in plain, inconspicuous clothing to match the location at which they are planted. Sometimes, the more advanced Field Ops will wear dark, tactical suits so that they can go unseen sneaking low-profile into a location at night. They may also dress as workers to popular department stores, waiters at restaurants, or disguise as any other occupation in order to blend into the crowd and get as close as possible to suspects without them... suspecting they are agents.   They are usually wired with eavesdropping devices, mini cameras, tracker bugs, or other micro surveillance apparatus that can assist them in getting the deets on their targets without making direct contact.

Grounds for Removal/Dismissal

When a Field Agent is found out to be untrustworthy or delinquent, just as with every other W.I.L.L.O.W.I.S.P. operative, they are at risk of Erasure or worse.
Alternative Naming
Agents, Field Ops, Field Operatives, New Guys
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