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Dionaea Muscipula (dai · uh · nay · uh muh · shi · poo · luh)

An inhospitable region or geographical landmark.
-Dimi & Janet
  Dionaea Muscipula Island is an entire private island designated for the imprisonment of extremely dangerous and secretive criminals, weaponry, and experiments.


Only a limited number of elite internal W.I.L.L.O.W.I.S.P. agents are privvy to the location of this prison base. Many are aware though that its climate and environment are similar to that of a Brazilian rainforest.  
  The island is quite large and divided into three sections: The Prison Sector, The Weapons Sector, and The Experiment Sector. Each of those sectors are home to that which their name indicates.   The Prison Sector is the primary feature on the island. It is covered with dense forests, grasses, and inpenatrable vines. Beneath it all lies a large and secure bunker lined with thick concrete walls. This underground facility is where the most dangerous criminals are kept. Top-notch security devices and highly-trained guard agents are activated around the prison at all times. The prison spans several stories underground, each of which contain multiple cells.     The Weapons Sector has less personnel on high-alert due to the lack of human liabilities, but that doesn't mean the weapons are out in the open for just anybody to access. Lasers, cameras, and security guards man the primises at all times to assure that the dangerous weapons held within are not stolen or damaged.   The Experiment Sector is reserved for the dangerous in-process testing and developments that have been retrieved from criminal science laboratories. There are also areas of this third of the island suitable for testing out some of the devices stored in the Weapons Sector os that W.I.L.L.O.W.I.S.P. can be absolutely sure of what each item is and what it can be used for. This helps them also to gauge how much danger it holds and how much damage it can cause. Seldomly, it has been said that W.I.L.L.O.W.I.S.P. may utilize some of the prisoners from the Prison Sector as subjects for certain experiments. This has not been confirmed or denied by the agency.


The lush, exotic island has a naturally occurring eco system that is not disturbed by the humans and dangerous objects that have taken up residence there.

Fauna & Flora

The island appears as an overgrown, viny jungle. The technology and secure facilities are well concealed underground, within mountains, and beneath the abundant greenery. The island is also home to Prison Guards, genetically modified Scorpions that inject their victims with tranquilizer at stingpoint. These, among other trained or modified animals, work to guard the island from intruders, and stop current prisoners from escaping.

Natural Resources

As with most of W.I.L.L.O.W.I.S.P.'s private islands, the facilities utilize solar energy and irregation to


From the begining of the agency, W.I.L.L.O.W.I.S.P. knew that it should keep all its findings confidential. This included intel, but also physical propery, and even apprehended persons. The company began storing these imprisoned persons and items within their agent facilities. At first, it was a simple fix. But, soon, adjustments had to be made to contain the more menacing fiends and more dangerous devices. Not long after, W.I.L.L.O.W.I.S.P. began constructing official prison bases all over the globe separate from their agent facilities. There are rumors that a breech in security involving a high-risk villain escaping and tampering with confidential inteligence was to blame.   One day, W.I.L.L.O.W.I.S.P. apprehended one of the largest criminal organizations known to man. It was suggested that the weapons and members be imprisoned separately so that they would have less chance of working together and figuring out a plan of escape. At this point efforts were made to establish a secure location that could discreetly store dangerous weapons and people all in one area but spread out enough as not to allow communication or easy access among them.   W.I.L.L.O.W.I.S.P. then acquired a private island in an uknown location and began building facilities, training guards, and developing biosolutions for extra security measures.


The average person passing by will not see this island as an inviting habitat. The immense overgrowth and vicious wildlife help to conceal the somewhat more civilized portion hidden beneath the surface. Even still, the hidden areas are comprised of prisons and chambers that hold strange and dangerous technologies. No aspect of this island is at all what the normal human would consider hospitable.
Commander McCox Gives Newbies the Rundown:   When a W.I.L.L.O.W.I.S.P. agent arrests an under-the-radar bad guy, confiscates some above-military grade tech, or discovers some top-secret sci-fi level mojo, they have to take their findings somewhere out of the public eye. Can't go up to the police station with one of the most dangerous humans on the face of the earth and ask them if they can they borrow a cell. That mastermind would have the whole place blown down and be across the world in T-8 seconds. Also, we can't risk even letting some governments know what we know. We don't have full trust in what they would do with some of these weapons, or how loose they'll be with spreading the deets. We can't risk any of it. So, we take it all under wraps to one of our internal containment facilities. These are literally stationed all over the globe, and I think we have one in space too. But the worst of the worst of the big bad worst get shipped out to The Fly Trap.   Listen. If you thought The Styrax was scary, at least they PAINT that place like it's all peachy keen. This place though?   *laughs nervously*   Naw man. A whole different story. They have scorpions. KILLER SCORPIONS. EVERYWHERE! There's top notch security for those who somehow by a slim chance dodge the scorpions. And the cells are your only true freedom. Try to escape and I hear you get eaten because the island is surrounded by KILLER SHARKS. Listen up, rookie. Whatever you do, don't go rogue. Because, if you get caught, they're definitely sending you there. With The Styrax, even if they do Erase you, you'll be honorably discharged. You'll still have a picture up in the hall of fame. But, here? You can kiss your life goodbye. Either you'll be stuck there forever, or instantly devoured by the surrounding wildlife.
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Dionaea, Muscipula, Prison Island, The Fly Trap
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