confidential gatekeeping?

IDEA: some kind of way to let other operatives know information without allowing them to be in on too many details. Agents are all willowisp personnel but they are not all privy to the individual details of each other's cases. This is why there are certain words that can be used in professional and recreational settings to inform others in a consise way that they cannot reveal certain particulars. this can also be used in public or around others who are not willowisp agents so that suspicions are culled


Commander McCox Gives Newbies the Rundown:   Okay. So, being a new agent, you're going to have to pause your normal activities for a while. There are still fun places to go like the Recreational Facilities mall? and other spots like that where you can hang out with other agents without the super risk of compromising your identity or any hush hush company intel. However, as I told you, you're still gonna have to be careful about sharing confidential details of your own mission. Just because you're a spy and they're a spy doesn't mean you can spill all the beans to them. Especially if they are a different rank from you, or if things you tell them could put you, them, or the company at risk. This is why agents have come up with creative language to let people know stuff without letting them know stuff, if you get my drift. This is kinda different for everybody, but most kids graduating out of the same class will have similar lingo. These keywords can also help when you do get back to outside interactions. You might be talking to, or around, people who aren't agents. What better way to tell them that you have to go save the planet without telling them you have to go save the planet than to say that your favorite show is on TV in seventeen minutes? Or is it eighteen minutes? Some say nineteen minutes....twenty-four? Yeah. I think it's twenty-four. I don't know why, but it kinda reminds me of my favorite show that I used to rush home and watch back when it used to air on television. Remember analog TV? When the tube still had antennas and the screen would show static instead of those whacky digital boxes like a pixelated videogame? Wait, does digital TV still do that? Maybe they've worked the kinks out of it now. Or maybe W.I.L.L.O.W.I.S.P. tech is so advanced and the signal is so crystal clear that I haven't had to worry about that problem for years. Wait. Let's test it out now. Did you know this office has a TV screen that folds down from the ceiling?? Yep. I can control it with a simple press of this remote...hold on. Where is it? I know I had the remote just the other day when I was watching a rerun of thirty-nine...or was it twenty-five? Wait. I said it earlier...


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Jan 28, 2024 07:40

Commander McCox cracks me up! XD

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Jan 28, 2024 14:17 by LexiCon (WordiGirl)

lol thanks for reading and I'm glad you get a kick out of his little ramblings!

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