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A Commander, like any other W.I.L.L.O.W.I.S.P. operative, must go through intense questioning and mental exercises before they are deemed trustworthy enough to enroll into the program.


After going through Commander training, meeting agents, and completing a series of sample trials, a Commander is assigned a group of operatives to guide and delegate missions to.


Commanders primary purpose is to reveiw missions and delegate them to the appropriate teams or operative who can get the job done. There are several Commander meetings held per month, at which Generals present assignments. Each Commander chooses which ones they would like to take back to their jurisdictions. It is essential that Commanders know their agents skills, abilities, and personalities, so that they can properly equip the correct operatives and effectively complete the missions.   In addition, Commanders work as post for support and a hub for agents to ask questions. They are to provide resources or redirect operatives to appropriate channels if ever there is a need.


Generals directly oversee the work of Commanders and provide them with missions to assign. It is their responsibility to do reasearch on the specific assignments and find suitable agents within their district to carry them out.   If a Commander cannot find an appropriate match, or knows of an agent in another sector who would do better at the job, they are to contact that agent's Commander and attempt to trade mission briefs.   Commanders are rewarded when agents successfully accomplish tasks, but when missions are failed, they are admonished. It is natural for mistakes to occur, but if errors are constantly being made, or agents are being assigned to missions that don't properly fit their skillset, the Commanders are told to rethink their delegation methods.   It is not so much whether or not the mission failed, but more as to why; what the costs were, and could it have been better if the agent was given a partner to work with, or if another operative entirely was assigned to the task instead.

Grounds for Removal/Dismissal

Just like all other W.I.L.L.O.W.I.S.P. operatives, a delinquent Commander faces the threat of Erasure or worse. Traitors will NOT be tollerated. In fact, the higher your rank, the more severe a breech of trust is seen by the agency.
Form of Address
Length of Term
Commanders can hold their position until they are promoted, transferred, or no longer able to fill the role.
Current Holders
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