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Worldbuilding Summer Camp 2021

Somewhere in your setting, describe
a brave hero, who hides a secret past.
A total of 370 entries

Sereya Waltz AKA Barbarosa Sparklebeard

Auilen Arde Nontte, the greatest Monsterslayer

Niarchos the Chain Breaker

Aless "get me two ales then!" Maltiv

Cadfiell Dunheuvelin: Rebel Son, Peacekeeper or Traitor?

Makread, Blade of the OwkHaam

Lord Commander Thom Lapín

Eric Westgate/Westfield, Earth

Pavel Pavlovich Romanov: Paul Paulson Romanov.

Lord Remus Aedinescu, Champion of the Ardelic Order

The Queen of Winds, Ece Esen

Erin Attenara, Champion of the Naive

Huntsman Lord Yurieth of Adamos - Prompt #25 a brave hero who hides a secret past

Nephthys: The Necromancers Protector

Dagmar Dellingsdottir, alias Ioreith, formerly Inger Inarasdottir

Lavensia Noori: In Pure Victory She Fights By Thomas Stanza

Ralthor, the rebellious favored soul

Gweza Boonegunun of Harkenview

Fiona Annabelle Symons {AKA Gilly Ghel}

The Maiden of Flame and her Shadows

Napoléon François Joseph Charles Bonaparte